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Personal Testimony of Pastor Venkat


I was born to very religious parents. As a family we were very committed to our gods.

When I was a small kid, I remember visiting all holy shrines now and then. I was a

sincere devotee of the Pagan gods. I have sacrificed my studies many times and went

behind those gods seeking peace in my family. There was so much of conflict within

the home. When I was a teenager my father and mother got separated and my family

was broken. I went in search of all gods hoping that some god would bring my family

together. It was all in vain.

I was then working in a company dealing with Tele Communications in Chennai City. A Local church was one of our clients. One day I was sent by my company to that church to attend a service call. I went there and there one person gave me an invitation to attend church service on Sunday. I just went there and I was challenged by a church member. He said, “Jesus came to earth to set us free from all bondages and He never expected anything in return from us except our hearts”. Those words really touched me and I came back home with those words still ringing in my heart.


I came back home but I wasn’t able to forget those words. All through these years it was me who was doing sacrifices for my gods. I was able to make a clear and bold decision. Now I know it was the spirit of God working in me to lead me to a conviction. And I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I received God’s calling into ministry and went to a Bible School. After completing my theological course, I joined the same church as a youth Pastor and was doing ministry there for 2 years. After 2 years God blessed me with a God fearing girl who was pastoring in the same church in youth ministry. We are blessed with two sons. God has been such a wonderful person in my life leading and guiding me till this very moment.

Personal Testimony of  Pastor Gayathri Venkat

I was born in a religious family. My birth was not much welcomed at home as I was

the third girl to my parents. Both my parents are from traditional religious families.

Even when I was very small just 3 or 4 years old, my father deserted my mom. I have

spent all my childhood longing for father’s love. I knew that my life was not like the

others. I do not remember enjoying my childhood.

I had two elder sisters Anandhi & Jayashri. My father used to visit us now and then. I

would long for those few moments because I liked him so much and wanted to spend

time with him. But that was a rare thing in my life. When I was 11 years old my younger

sister committed suicide because of these problems at home. She was very close to me. She has pampered me so much. Cannot forget the day her dead body was brought from the mortuary. For many years after that I never went to a funeral service as it caused me much pain. Missed her so much! Many sleepless nights! Cannot explain the pain!

Too small I was to understand the facts of life. But God has given me an emotional heart. Many days of my childhood all alone beside the window in my house I have shed tears not knowing why? I remember my mom crying all the time. Why on earth did all this happen to me alone? That was the biggest question in my life.

Then did something strange happen in my life! An uncle and an aunt did explain to my mom about the wonderful person Jesus Christ. Mom started reading The Bible. She didn’t know the reason but she felt that peace within herself. There was a different kind of expression on her face. Even we liked the new change in her. But I and my sister would fight with mom saying, “Come what may how can you forget your childhood gods?” not knowing the truth.

One fine day that uncle and aunt I mentioned before took us to church in 1991. We didn’t go whole heartedly to the Church. I didn’t know it was God’s presence but something made me happy and I got addicted to attending Sunday service. This went on for two months.

One Sunday they celebrated fathers’ day in church. The whole service was focused on father’s love. There I was sitting in a corner filled with tears. I was questioning God. I cried out, “Jesus if you are a loving God, why didn’t you allow me to enjoy that father’s love in my life?” I remember crying all through the service. At the end the word of God came to me prophetically through my Pastor who gave the sermon that day. God said to me, “I will be your father”. That was my first encounter with God. Till this day nothing in this world compares to my Dad’s love. Even as I type this testimony my eyes are filled with tears, because I know whom I am talking about. I love Jesus so… much who has added meaning to my life.

From that day till this moment of my life His love has carried me in a wonderful way. When I accepted Jesus as my saviour at the age of 11, I with child like faith asked Him to be my father in everything, to teach me cycling, getting me admission in a good college and many more such requests. And God has been more faithful to me till now.

I did my B.Tech in Anna University and that was a miracle story. I committed my life for Lord’s ministry while in college. As God spoke to me during my third year holidays, I didn’t apply for any campus interview. I knew my destiny was doing my Master’s business. What a privilege! He chose this donkey to carry Him!! When I was about to finish my college life I shared my passion and burden for God’s work with my Campus Pastor. He guided me in the right path. In May 2000 on the 30th I joined my local Church for full time ministry and simultaneously I Joined the Madras Assemblies of God Bible College to pursue my theological studies in the evening college.

I started my ministry walk knowing nothing. But my God has carried me through. It’s only by His grace what I am today. In the year 2003 on October 16th I got married to man of God with similar passion for God’s work as mine – Pastor Venkat. I have admired his love for God and still I do.

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